Ever have one of those days?
Posted by: ToyBoy

So there I was...

...duking it out with Robo-Wolf, winning of course, when my cell phone goes off. Usually I set it to vibrate when I'm busy clobbering jerks but I forgot.

So it's Paris again. She wants to do a clothing line based on my awesome costume. Girl won't let me alone.

I'm all like "Girl, I gotta roll. Blowin' stuff up and junk. Holla atcha later."

and she's like "OMG UR SO HAWT!", and no, this wasn't a text. That's how she talks.

So I'm all "Boo, gonna bounce now." and I hung up.

Unfortunately it was then that Robo-Wolf dropped a car on me. Now I'm in the hospital (again!). Meh. Good jello though.

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Posted: 2009-10-21 23:27:57